Weapon Racks

-Simple, smart and sustainable

The SecureIt® Weapon Rack Storage System can be configured in an unlimited number of ways using patented CradleGrid technology. You can build an entire armory with just a few part numbers.  No tools are required, and the cabinets are compatible with a wide range of COTS bins, baskets and storage boxes.

secureit-weapon-cabinets-bi-fold-door-cabinetBi-fold doors weapon racks are best for most applications.

Bi-fold Door Cabinet

Footprint 84"h x 15"d x 36"w

The best cabinet for most arms rooms and weapon storage applications. Ergonomic tests show that bi-fold doors do not significantly impact aisle space or workflow between adjacent cabinets. You can expect to reclaim up to 30% of your arms room space when converting to the Bi-fold Model 84.

secureit-weapon-cabinets-retractable-door-cabinet Retractable door racks are designed primarily for high-density mobile aisle systems.

Retractable Door Cabinet

Footprint 84"h x 15"d x 42"w

Retracting door cabinets are designed for high-density mobile aisle systems where all racks can be opened and the mobile carriage system still works.

Let us help you find the optimal weapon storage solution

SecureIt’s revolutionary CradleGrid™ technology offers unmatched adjustability and adaptability for your armory’s weapon storage needs. There are far too many possible configurations to show and price them all on our website. So, please contact SecureIt for assistance in overcoming your armory challenges. We’ll help you find the optimal solution to your weapon storage needs.