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Weapon Storage and Cradle Grid

Weapon Storage System: Craddlegrid

Introducing revolutionary CradleGrid Technology: the adaptable, adjustable and smart weapon storage system that is changing the way military armories work!

Weapons storage has not fundamentally changed in decades. It is static and certainly has not kept up with the sweeping changes in the size and shape of military weapons, especially since 2001.

Recognizing this pattern, SecureIt, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Special Forces, developed patented technology that adapts to any situation. Called CradleGrid, this ingenious system features a single moving part, the cradle, which universally fits every weapon in the armory. The cradle can be instantly repositioned on a grid that is affixed to the back wall of all SecureIt weapon racks and  cabinets for easy reconfiguration, without tools. The second part of the system is a universal base designed to accommodate the butt stock or spade grip of any weapon. The base is tiered to ensure proper lean angle.

Designed to accommodate weapons with optics

CradleGrid weapon racks also accommodate weapons with optics attached, so you’ll never need to re-zero because of an inadequate weapon storage system.

Straight-line access to weapons and organizational awareness

With SecureIt’s CradleGrid system, you get straight-line access to each and every weapon. There is never a need to move other weapons out of the way. You also get a comprehensive view of your entire weapons line-up for maximum efficiency. Organize your armory as you see fit, not as your storage system dictates.