We Solve Armory Problems

Weapon storage armories are unique and require specialized knowledge.

Weapon storage armory design

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Gear Storage In Armories is a Growing Problem






The volume of serialized and high value gear going into armories is increasing. Weapon racks do not properly store this gear. Armories like this (shown above) require armorers remove all gear from the cabinets for a serialized site count. The result in high damage and loss rates as well and poor inventory/audit function. The process can take all day. We can reduce this to an hour or two.

We Fix Armory Problems

Armory storage

Reclaim Armory Space

High density mobile system can save up to 70% on Armory space

high density weapon storage - armory upgrade

Weapon racks are fixed to carriages on rails in the floor.
The armorer opens aisles to retrieve or replace weapons or gear.


armory desing - high density system


The frees up space in the armory allowing room for
proper gear storage and superior ergonomics.



armory upgrade weapons and gear storage

The high density weapon storage system allows space
for modular drawers, work bench with drawers and
bulk storage shelving.

The result is speed and safety.

Site counts and serialized inventory now take 2 hours instead of 2 days.



Understanding Armory Function and workflow is critical to proper design

Time spent understanding the functions of an armory prior to considering solutions is critical. This is something that doesn’t happen enough. If you are working with a solution provider that immediately jumps to the features and benefits of their weapon rack, it may be time to find a different provider. see article : Evaluating the competence of your sales rep

Ergonomic and Armory Workflow Studies

In active armories such as base security forces, ergonomics and workflow are critical. In the following example we were brought in to evaluate a solution developed by a high density storage company. While they were very experienced in commercial and medical records storage, they did not understand armories.

Armory design review

Image left: Armorers must wait to open an aisle until others are done. This can create a huge bottleneck.

Image Right: with a static storage system, all armorers can access all weapons. Weapon racks are also in rows aligned with the work flow. In this case efficient operations is more critical than simple space saving.



When considering an armory upgrade or renovation, make sure the people you are working with have the required experience to assure a successful outcome.

Do it once do it right

In my 15 years experience designing and building armories, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Most of the problems related to bad weapon storage systems and armories trace back to inexperienced or negligent distributors and sales representatives.


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