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Upgrade or Replace?

spacersaver upgrade

We can upgrade old “spacesaving” weapon racks
If the Doors and Locks are good, the racks can be upgraded to the modern standard

Cost savings up to 80%
compared to weapon rack replacement

Marine Corps III MEF Saves over $6 Million
Upgrading weapon racks

We are currently renovating all armories for the Marine Corps III MEF in Okinawa. The orignal numbers for this project were north of $25 million. We proposed our upgrade kits for many of the old universal weapon racks they were using.

The net result was a savings of over $6 million dollars.

Many of the weapon racks in the Marine armories were in good shape. The internal components just did not do the job.

Before you scrap your old racks or send the to DRMO, contact SecureIt. I quick evaluation could save you a lot of money and time.


If down the road you want to replace the cabinets or racks, the upgrade kit components will transfer to the new racks. This means you order empty cabinets which are a lot less money then fully configured weapon racks.