Weapons Rack – SecureIt Snap Lock weapons storage

Weapons Rack – SecureIt Snap Lock weapons storage

Rifles falling from racks is a serious problem

Here is how SecureIt solved the problem.

If you work in armories for a little while you or someone you know has been hit by a rifle falling from a weapon rack. In many cases the barrel or front site hits, requiring stitches. It would appear that the rate of injury is much higher then reported and is rising. This is a growing concern for leaders.


Introducing the SecureIt
Snap-Lock weapon storage system

Developed working closely with a Senior Marine Corps Ordnance Weapon Chief  (MSgt) and III Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Armorers. The new system solves many problems in today’s armories

The concept is simple and very effective. Our new patent pending system allows you to literally snap weapons into the racks. Weapons can be placed or removed from the weapon racks quickly with 1 hand. The system uses formed spring steel and nylon rollers toi securely hold weapons yet allow for quick simple removal.

Snap-lock is available for all rifles, machine guns and most crew-served weapons



Rifle can be stored in a traditional straight method or turned up to 45 degrees to allow visual check of serial number.


A little history and why guns are falling:

Most weapon racks use simple “Y” shaped saddles to support the rifle barrels, Rifles are stored 10-12 per weapon cabinet. Weapon cabinets are either stacked 2 high or the cabinet is 7′ tall and has 2 rows. When an armorer removes a rifle from the upper rack, the sling or side mounted accessory can contact adjacent rifles causing them to lean and fall out of he weapon rack either hitting the floor or the armorer then the floor. In the second scenario the armorer can be injured. In both cases, the rifle ends up hitting the floor which can damage optics or other attachments.

Rifle slings easily tangle with adjacent rifles creating an unsafe situation in traditional weapon racks


Here weapon are “loosely” leaned inside a rack that clearly does not provide proper support.

There is more going on than just what is described above. Military armories are failing inspections and poorly designed weapon storage systems are a serious problem. See article: 2018 Arms Room Assessment Summary

In an effort to address falling rifles, several weapon rack manufacturers offer “seismic” storage options where the rifles can not fall out of racks.

seismic saddle fail

These systems range from  steel loops that flip over the barrel and snap down to heavy rubber toggles that pull over the tops of barrels securely holding them in place. All these seismic systems share one common feature, they do not work. While many firmly hold the rifles, they are so cumbersome or difficult to use that armorers are unable to issue and return weapon in a reasonable time. In the case of the upper row of rifles, where these systems should have the most benefit, only the very tallest soldiers can reach them. Using them would require most armorers to carry a foot stool with them at all times. The net result: nobody uses them.

Weapon racks in general are not keeping up with the changes in armory materials stored and functions.

Recognizing the escalating problems, the Marine Corp in the summer of 2018 invited SecureIt to Okinawa to spent time with the Marine Corp. armorers, evaluating armory function and workflow and find a solution to the increasing rates of injury and damage to weapons and gear.

After several several weeks of work, the team returned to Syracuse and developed the solution.

Snap-Lock is available is all Secureit weapon racks and cabinets

Upgrade Kits

Big cost saves to the government!

SecureIt was also able to develop kits to upgrade older weapon storage systems to the new Snap-Lock standard. This provides a significant savings to the government. If the existing weapon storage racks are in good shape, they can easily and affordably be upgraded. See: Upgrade your weapon racks

spacesaver weapon rack fail

Failed space-saving weapon rack upgraded with SecureIt Snap-Lock weapon storage system.

Learn more about upgrading to SecureIt Snap-Lock

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