Police Weapon Lockers

Police Weapon Lockers

Keep your hands off my M4

The greatest danger to your M4 or sniper rifle may be the guy next to you.


As a consultant in many armory and weapon storage projects, I have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of SWAT and tactical officers. The thing I hear all the time is that other patrol officers, interested in checking out their tricked out M4, are the greatest cause of issues and the requirement to re-zero the optics.

Individual locking systems for SWAT or special operations units can greatly reduce damage and the need to reset equipment. While some of these systems are very expensive, there are affordable ways to solve this problem.

I have found that “out of sight out of mind” works best. That may sound juvenile but it’s simple and it works. Individual weapons lockers with basic access control have proven superior.

Access Control: Each officer has access to his locker with master access to all for the chief, or group leader.

There are several products on the market. Some work, many simply do not.

Avoid cable locks and locking barrel saddles

I have seen several weapon storage systems where sniper rifles and other special purpose tactical weapons are stored in a basic weapon rack with individual cable locks for each gun or some sort of locking barrel saddle. Both systems are ineffective in preventing weapon access and also require a great deal of time to issue and return weapons.


Working Solutions

Fast Box – Fast access weapon storage locker.

When we developed the Fast Box, our goal was to develop a secure, military-style weapon storage in a small locker that also allowed for fast access. We also designed the units to easily bolt together for locker-style applications, provide options for mobile applications, the ability to store weapons either vertical or horizontal and it had to be affordable.

The Fast Box is a highly functional and affordable and solution for modern law reinforcement units.

TGS 1824 tactical weapon and gear lockers.


Sized and built for team locker configurations and rapid response team lockers. The 1824 series is designed to efficiently store guns and lots of gear. There are unlimited internal configuration possibilities so each team member can configure his locker to meet his unique weapon and gear storage needs.

There are many options available for modern weapon storage. SecureIt® Tactical Armory Design services can assist with evaluation, space planning, armory design and storage system implementation.