Is Flexibility & Modularity Killing the Arms Room

Is Flexibility & Modularity Killing the Arms Room

weapon racks with many components

Is there too much of a good thing?

Was it every really good?

There has been a big push to “ultra-flexible” modular weapon racks with claims that they will perform better and last longer.
But do they?



[Excerpt from out 2018 Arms-room Assessment Survey:]

Is flexibility and modularity killing armory function?

Current manufacturers have taken the concept of flexible weapon storage that we outlined in our brief to USAFC 10 year ago, way off the deep end. Many weapon racks on the market today have so many brackets and different parts they are simply are not stable storage platforms.

What we found in real world applications: If the components of a weapon storage system are real easy to move, people move them, even if there is not a good reason to do so. When weapon rack brackets get moved around and weapons are frequently relocated in the armory problems start.

Many weapons have 2 piece brackets (upper and lower weapon support brackets). When re-configuring racks often only the upper is moved. The result is mismatched bracket systems and weapons no longer properly stored. In may cases we saw weapon racks with no internal brackets. They were simply lost. The rifles were all piled in the cabinet leaning against each other and in general, a mess.

weapon rack fail

Many racks that were missing internal components were repurposed to store optics and high value gear.

In these cases all the gear was piled in the cabinets with no organization. During sight counts and serialized inventory, gear gets spread across the floor in an effort to see serial numbers and count everything. This process can take all day and damage of high value gear is escalating.

armory gear storage fail

There is a better way!

The SecureIt Weapon Storage Platform uses just 1 moving part to store all weapons in a military armory


A weapon storage platform with 1 moving part. Designed and patented by a company that does only one thing, build weapon storage systems and armories

weapon rack animationBy simply moving the saddle you can store any
weapon in your armory.


Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper rifles, Machine guns, crew-served weapons are all stored with just 1 bracket.

This means that no matter what weapons you have or what changes, you will always have a weapon storage system that works.


For gear storage the simple solution is our modular draw cabinets with adjustable dividers, This allows you to store serialized gear in an organized manner with the serial number visible.

armory storage for gear

armroy drawer storage


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