Weapon Storage: Lots of Components Can Mean Lots of Problems

Curse of the Bracket Racks

When evaluating weapon storage solutions, put a high value on simplicity. All things being equal the simplest solutions will withstand the test of time. Your goal should be a storage solution that not only meets your current needs but has the flexibility to adapt to any changes without requiring you to source additional components.


Ever since the Marine Corps started development of the universal weapon rack (Spacesaver won the contract to produce these) there has been an obsession from the manufacturing side with brackets.

These are the saddles and fittings that weapons sit or rest on in a weapon storage cabinet. Many manufacturers boast about all their brackets on brochures and websites.

Use of extensive components should be a red flag


Statements like this appear on many sales brochures: “No other rifle cabinet or rack compares to the versatility and flexibility of our unique weapon storage systems. Combine the extensive components… to achieve your own custom solution…” The use of “extensive components” should be a red flag. A system with “extensive components” will require extensive training and extensive inventory control to organize and catalog all these components. You should look to weapon storage solutions with the fewest unique parts.


When Dasco released their IWSP storage racks (Now imported into the US under the many different names (DLS, DDP, Sekure ) the use of unique weapon storage components really expanded. This system has somewhere in the area of 75 different brackets and storage components. That’s a lot of complexity for a weapon rack.

You will have to purchase new brackets or saddles every time you field a new type of weapon

These “bracket system” weapon racks all suffer from the same problems. If you purchase and install a bracket system, you will have to purchase new brackets or saddles every time you field a new type of weapon. You will also have to create an inventory control system to store and organize all the different brackets you have that you are not currently using.

All things being equal the simplest solutions will withstand the test of time.

When we set out to develop the Tactical Weapon Storage Platform, one of our goals was the fewest components possible. We were in the middle of our arms room assessment contract with USASFC. As we traveled to each Special Forces Group to complete the armory surveys we were able to test our ideas and get input from armorers and command. It took us 7 months to finalize the upper and lower saddle design.


The new storage system was unique. With just 2 components (an upper and lower saddle) you can properly store all weapons in Special Forces or any other military armory. If your weapons list changes or you are required to field a new weapon system, you can quickly adjust the weapon rack to properly store the new items. The “bracket” system would require you to contact your supplier, request a quote for new components, then try to push the purchase through contracting.

So you have a choice.

A weapon storage platform with 1 moving part. Designed and patented by a company that does only one thing, build weapon storage systems and armories secureit-saddle


You can get a bracket rack system and start buying brackets and keep buying brackets every time something changes.


The SecureIt Tactical Weapon Storage Platform is used in all branches of the military in all theaters of operations.


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