Mobile weapon storage and CradleGrid™

Armorers are sometimes required to accommodate weapon deployment beyond the armory. At other times, personal field gear needs to be secured and moved. Both weapons and gear can easily be transported using SecureIt’s CradleGrid™ system, adapted to mobile carts and lockable cabinets on heavy-duty casters.

Deployable Weapon Rack/Cart

Transporting 12 rifles, reaching up to 41 inches high, requires a heavy-duty weapons cart. But is that all? Larger, crew-served weapons such as MK19s and M2 receivers need to be transported in an organized manner as well. The adaptability of the CradleGrid™ system lets the armorer quickly reconfigure to accommodate virtually any weapon platform – or even reconfigure to organize and haul out personal field gear.

Weapon Cart

This weapon transport cart can carry up to 24 rifles. It, too, reconfigures in minutes using the CradleGrid™ system, so the armorer can transport virtually any weapon system. Heavy-gauge, all-welded steel contributes to the overall toughness and durability of these mobile systems, and large, super-duty casters allow free movement of the carts – even when fully loaded.