Military armories are an "off-road" application

Cars and trucks function for vastly different purposes. One is to comfortably and economically transport people from one place to another, the other hauls heavy loads. While a tractor-trailer rig can haul heavy loads, it would fail if driving on rocky terrain. Think of a military armory as an off-road, heavy-duty hauler.

With space at a premium and weapon systems becoming modular, cabinets made with CradleGrid technology placed into a movable aisle system provide the additional adaptability and space needed in a modern armory. It's a "go anywhere," heavy-duty solution.

High-Density Mobile Aisle System

A proper military grade mobile aisle system should require at a minimum:

  • 5" dual flanged wheels
  • Full-length steel drive axles
  • All-steel welded carriages
  • All-steel end panels
  • Decking should be rubber or VCT tile - never uncovered plywood.

The SecureIt retractable door cabinet is the optimal choice for insertion into the aisle movers, allowing armorers infinite configurations to securely store weapons.