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Weapons racks and weapon storage cabinets

SecureIt Tactical Weapon Racks and Cabinets provide the most efficient weapon storage system available. Offering both bi-fold and retractable door options, these weapon cabinets offer the greatest value for armories and weapons storage vaults. SecureIt supplies the only system approved for crew-served weapons.

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Tactical Weapon Racks

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Weapon rack and weapon racks

Tactical Model 84 Bi-fold door weapon racks.

The proliferation of advanced optics and weapon attachments has pushed many armoies past their storage capacity using old-style "space-saving" racks. The SecureIt tactical weapon rack offers unparralled organization and high density storage in the industies smallest footprint.

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Tactical Model 84 Retractcable door weapon racks

Developed for high density mobile aisle systems to address the issues and concerns of weapons and gear interfering with retracting doors. The SecureIt Model 84 retractable cabinet is the only product on the market that offers a true "pocket door" whereby the door action is isolated away from weapons or gear. The result is accelerated, effortless, weapons retrieval and performance. The pocket panel also allows internal support for the shelfing unit for a holding capacity of 900+ lbs.

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TGS Weapon racks

Expandable Open Weapon Racking

Tactical EXP - expandable weapon rack is non locking for vaults and caged
areas. 400 lb. capacity shelves offer unlimited weapon storage flexibillity.

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Tactical weapon rack

Tactical Model 72 Weapon Cabinet

Identical to the Tactical model–84 bi-folding cabient in a 72" high version.
Use where ceiling height is a challenge or for crew-served weapons

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Model 44 weapon rack

Tactical Model 44 Weapon Cabinet

44" high tactical weapons rack is compact and allows for stackable
weapon storage applications.

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SecureIt Internal Components

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Upper Saddle Lower Saddle Single Shelf Storage Bins Barrel Bag Hook Shelves


Weapon and Gear Storage Capabilities

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High Density Storage