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TGS-150 Tactical Gear Storage

TGS Gear storage cabinet is compatible with all TGS storage products. Popular for Ammunition, Optics, Evidence and Electronics.

armory design detail

TGS-150 Tactical Gear Storage

military cabinet 1

Tactical Gear Storage

• 72" H x 36" W x 18" D
• 14 gauge welded construction
• Full length louvered back panel

• SecureIt back panel
• Multi point locking system
• Powder coat finish
• Four - 400 lb. capacity
adjustable shelves

• Weapon Storage
• Kit Rooms
• motor pools
• Crime Labs
• Evidence storage
• Armories

TGS–150 cabinets - flexible storage for all tactical gear. Four 400 lb. capacity adjustable shelves provide storage for gear, ammunition, electronics, optics and any other high value items. All TGS cabinets are compatible with SecureIt Tactical weapon storage saddle system and components. TGS–150 cabinets can easily be converted to store weapons by adding a base shelf and saddle kit.

All Welded Cabinets

upper saddle tgs 150 storage cabinet single rifle shelf hand gun bin barrel bag hook
TGS–4800 TGS–150 TGS–1500 TGS–2500 TGS–4500 TGS–1824


Internal Components

upper saddle lower saddle single rifle shelf hand gun bin barrel bag hook secureit shelf
upper saddle lower saddle single shelf storage bins utility hook shelves